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BASIS Berlin finds Elements One the perfect fit for its shared storage demands

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As a world-class post-production facility, BASIS BERLIN is at the top of its game, crafting everything from movies and documentaries to high-quality TV series, commercials and trailers. Just in the past three years, BASIS BERLIN’s reaped numerous coveted awards and nominations on the international stage, including “Best Documentary” at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival for “Return to Homes,” multiple “Deutscher Filmpreis Lola” awards for “Best Sound Design” (for “Who Am I” and “Pianomania”), the Finnish Film Award for “Best Sound Design” (for “They have escaped) and many more.

New services can cause new challenges

When BASIS BERLIN expanded from sound design and audio production to becoming a full-service post-production house in 2011—offering an array of services from nonlinear editing, to visual effects, to compositing, to color grading, and finishing of ultra-high-resolution imagery—they suddenly faced a whole new set of challenges.

While creative endeavors like editing and visual effects compositing are unique in their challenges and requirements, they share the need for high-performance storage that can serve as the cornerstone for a cinema-grade 4K-workflow. And high-volume media assets must often move between completely different platforms, such as Avid Media Composers and other post-production tools that are based on the StorNext file system.

BASIS Berlin Relax Area

Stuck in a temporary solution – forever?

BASIS BERLIN combed through the market to find the ideal centralized storage solution—one that would offer speed and reliability while still being easy to use and affordable to scale—but just couldn’t find the perfect fit for its demanding workflow.

For years, they struggled along with a “temporary solution” that left all their departments copying media assets from video servers over to Glyph-FW swappable hard drives and local Raid Systems at their workstations. This inefficiency resulted in cumbersome workarounds, which led to confusing file duplication, followed by time-consuming cleanup of duplicate media files.

The answer finally came in 2016, when BASIS BERLIN found the ELEMENTS ONE storage solution, which now provides immediate access to a centralized pool of media assets.

Finally, the right solution for everyone

Today, all workstations across BASIS BERLIN simultaneously access hundreds of terabytes of centrally stored media assets at data transfer speeds exceeding 2500 megabytes per second.

With ELEMENTS ONE we spend less time on managing media assets, and more time on our creative processes.

Florian Beck, Managing Director of BASIS BERLIN Postproduktion GmbH

ELEMENTS ONE bridges the gap between Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, ProTools, and other post-production tools. By making the StorNext central file system available—natively—to all of their workstations, creative collaboration at BASIS BERLIN is massively enhanced.

Florian Beck, BASIS Berlin

“Our creativity is no longer constrained by inefficient workflows,” said Florian Beck, Managing Director of BASIS BERLIN Postproduktion GmbH, in Berlin. “With ELEMENTS ONE, our team can quickly access the most current media files, and collaborate on different aspects of the same project, more easily and frequently. We no longer need to spend time managing an inefficient workflow, or devote storage space to duplicate files. The time we used to spend copying, moving and managing media on local drives is now spent on more creative endeavors that benefit our productivity, reputation and bottom line.”

Easily integrated and highly reliable

“We were able to get the system up-and-running quickly, and haven’t incurred any costly downtime since we began using it. This attests to the ease of use and reliability of ELEMENTS ONE,” Beck added. “Our creative energy is now flowing freely and inspiring greater collaboration, resulting in a positive impact on our work. As our operation grows, ELEMENTS ONE can be easily and affordably expanded so we can continue benefitting from this advanced, ergonomic shared media storage environment.”

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