Seamless cloud platform

The ELEMENTS media workflow ecosystem hosted on your favorite cloud-provider

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Our new cloud platform reduces the costs of complex hardware but also opens the door to various workflow innovations – from sophisticated cloud-on-demand services to new levels of global, decentralized collaboration.

How it works

Building bridges between on-premise and cloud – tailor-made for Media & Entertainment

Choose your favorite cloud-provider

Your data, your choice: we offer efficient and fully scalable deployment on all industry-leading cloud-providers

Seamless integration

Utilize the ELEMENTS media workflow ecosystem with the same top-notch performance and user experience as with our on-premise solutions

Collaborate globally

A low-latency experience that works seamlessly across devices and allows large production teams to work remotely from anywhere


Save on-premise infrastructure costs and only pay for resources as you need them

Decentralized data management

Increase scalability, reliability and availability by capitalizing on a decentralized cloud storage

How you benefit from our Cloud Platform:

Icon Scalability


A fully scalable approach to integrating cloud services in media workflows – from cost efficient archive to post-production environments.

Icon Efficiency


Store, manage and move your assets within your favorite cloud in a fast, easy and intuitive way.

Icon Save Costs

Save costs

Reduce on-premise hardware investments and only pay for resources as you need them.

Tech Specs

Supported cloud providers

AWS Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Backblaze B2 and more

Media Library access

Internally via VPN / Cloud-based Worker node / Via dedicated on-premise Worker node with DMZ protection

Cloud workspace mounting

Via the ELEMENTS Client on macOS and Windows


ELEMENTS Web UI, including the Media Library, Automation Engine, project and permission management features is accessible through a web browser. Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari

ELEMENTS Client support: Windows, macOS (Intel), macOS (Silicon), Linux, RedHat, Debian


Yes. Beside allowing you to mount workspaces located on the ELEMENTS storage, the ELEMENTS Client also allows you to mount cloud workspaces. This feature lets you access the files in the cloud in an intuitive and familiar manner – through the macOS Finder or Windows Explorer. Cloud workspaces however are not meant for remote editing. This is due to the low latency requirements of the modern NLEs which usually can’t be met by a typical cloud connection.

Yes you can, thanks to the Media Library’s extensive cloud support. Your locally-hosted Media Library can have cloud-based media roots, which allows your team to use one tool to collaborate on and work with the footage that is on your on-premise storage and in the cloud, in a productive and secure manner. The Media Library can also be purely cloud-based.
This allows your company to enjoy all the cloud benefits such as availability, security, flexible scaling and can allow your company to implement full cloud-workflows.

A cloud bucket is a great way to store your footage, but it comes with a caveat, providing only rudimentary access – uploading, downloading and seeing a list of stored files is basically all you get. The Media Library adds a powerful management and collaboration layer on top of it. You can use it to preview, share and manage the footage, as well as communicate with the team and coordinate work.

Today, with the editing workstations and high-resolution footage most often found on-premise, hybrid cloud environments still make the most sense. They provide the best features of both the cloud and the on-premise world. However, the flexibility of the ELEMENTS platform means that you can switch to end-to-end cloud workflow at anytime.

A hybrid cloud environment can connect any number of production facilities to the company’s cloud. For example: a cloud-based Media Library can display the content that is located on the local storage of all connected facilities. If authorised through access permissions, the user can “pull” the footage from any connected site with the single click of a button.
As the cloud-based Media Library doesn’t need to have the high-resolution footage, just the lightweight proxies, the storage capacity requirement of the cloud subscription is kept to a minimum.

Yes they can. Cloud-deployed ELEMENTS Worker can support you in many ways. It can help by dynamically scaling the processing power of the Media Library in moments of high demand for proxy creation. This helps the Media Library to present the footage faster upon upload. Cloud-based Worker can also be used to facilitate accelerated file transfer, allowing you to send files over the internet much faster.

The ELEMENTS platform allows you to perform extremely fast data transfer between sites. Simply choose the files, or even schedule a transfer job and enjoy amazing transfer speeds. This is achieved through the utilization of accelerated transfer technologies which allow you to send files over the internet up to 5 times faster!



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