Workflow Automation

Decrease work, increase efficiency: workflow automation for everyone

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation with hardly any coding skills required

So far, setting up workflow automation procedures was intimidating most people, or rather reserved to IT people with in-depth coding knowledge. ELEMENTS changes all that by providing a smart and powerful, yet easy-to-use task manager that allows for simple workflow automation with hardly any coding skills required. Choose from a variety of pre-defined actions to be executed – or create your own with just a couple of mouse clicks.

The possibilities are endless: take advantage of ELEMENTS Task Manager to reduce the manual effort of housekeeping and maintenance by defining time-based copy or transfer jobs, reordering of still frame sequences or hot folder-based execution of file conversion. Keeping your system neat and well-sorted has never been easier. All the above mentioned options how to put ELEMENTS Task Manager to work are just examples – define and create your own workflow automation processes that work for you.

In combination with the Media Library, ELEMENTS Task Manager can be deployed to send automatic email notifications to certain team members to keep them informed about newly arrived media assets, or recently finished rough-cuts and the like. You define the event trigger – and the action that you want ELEMENTS Task Manager to execute.

Yes, ELEMENTS Task Manager is embedded in every ELEMENTS appliance at no additional charge.



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