ELEMENTS in Premiere Pro Environments

What are the challenges when working with Adobe Premiere Pro?

Over the years, Adobe has evolved Premiere Pro into one of the most widespread NLEs in the world. Constant innovation and development, together with the rise in the need for fast turnaround projects practically guarantee a continued increase in popularity. However, due to Premieres downsides such as the per-user licensing model and modest organizational features, team collaboration and communication processes have typically been left to tools outside of the NLE. This approach forces team members to run parallel applications and allows for workflow inefficiencies and potential errors.

Beside the fact that ELEMENTS systems are optimally configured for Premiere Pro workflows, they also come with a deep and intuitive integration through the ELEMENTS Media Library – our advanced Media Asset Management platform. Using the ELEMENTS Media Library extension in Adobe Premiere Pro allows a whole team to collaborate seamlessly. In addition, with no per-user licensing, you can flexibly include any number of users into the process. This powerful extension also allows you to save time and bandwidth by reusing the Media Library proxies for offline editing in Premiere Pro.

Media Library Panel

Two worlds merged into one

Accessing the Media Library from within Premiere Pro saves time and prevents the need to shuffle multiple applications and user interfaces. Using the ELEMENTS Extension Panel within Premiere Pro, users can easily browse through the content on the ELEMENTS storage and import it with a simple click. The granular search function allows users to combine multiple search criteria and choose just the right content for their projects. Furthermore, review and approval comments made in the ELEMENTS Media Library are imported and visible within the Adobe Premiere Pro sequence. 

Proxy workflow

Reuse proxies – save time and bandwidth

The ELEMENTS Premiere Pro Panel also allows you to use existing Media Library proxies for offline editing. Download all proxies used in the sequence or project and experience smooth editing and playback with a simple menu selection. Furthermore, linking to the ELEMENTS generated Proxies is a tremendous time-saving workflow as the proxy generation process in Premiere Pro can be a lengthy one.

This feature also helps to boost efficiency in remote editing workflows significantly. For example, a remote editor can download lightweight proxies of all the content used in a sequence with just one click. Then, the editor can use the same button to relink the sequence to the full-resolution material to complete the project.

Import rough-cuts

Prepare the footage for the editor

The browser-based Media Library includes an intuitive and easy-to-use Editor. With minimal training, users can quickly sort the footage, create editing sequences or outline the story. Created rough-cuts are easily imported into Adobe Premiere Pro via a simple drag-and-drop or via the ELEMENTS Media Library Panel. Furthermore, all review and approval comments on the used footage are imported as markers into Premiere Pro. The Media Library and the integrated Editor come with no per-user licenses, allowing you to include as many users as needed into the process, without the need for dedicated editing stations and software licenses.

Start automations

Execute a chain of tasks with a single click

The Premiere Pro Panel allows users to trigger preconfigured ELEMENTS Automation workflows directly from the NLE. For example, with a single mouse-click, the editor can trigger an automation that creates a cloud backup of all the content used in the sequence and at the same time notify everyone involved about this action via Slack or the ELEMENTS Client App. The permissions for automation tasks are managed for individual or selected groups of users.

No other solution has deeper integration with Adobe Premiere than ELEMENTS storage with Media Library.

James Hamilton-Hislop, Founder & Solutions Architect, XTFX

Solutions for Adobe Premiere Pro workflows


Boost your performance with a technology 10x faster than traditional SSDs

Implementing an efficient and easy-to-use storage system used to be a rather complicated task. With ELEMENTS BOLT your overall performance will not only dramatically improve. Your whole workflow will also become radically simplified: resulting in less stress and a significantly lower operating footprint.

  • All-NVMe media storage
  • Ultra high performance
  • 8K and more in realtime
  • Scalable in performance and capacity

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Use only one product to support every step of the production process

Put an end to time-consuming data copying: you only need one single storage system for providing media assets to every department and every application in your facility, from scanning, to color grading, editing, compositing, VFX, and GFX – and everything else.

  • All-in-one server and storage solution
  • Flexible storage space options
  • Scalable in performance and capacity

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Ultra portable media storage with editing capabilities and MAM

ELEMENTS CUBE combines all of ELEMENTS‘ unique features in an ultra-small form factor chassis for storing, managing and organizing assets in the field and on the go.

  • Ultra-portable media storage
  • Edit-while-ingest
  • On-set editing and media management

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