Future of remote
video editing

From the re-inventors of media storage: the new ELEMENTS Satellite enables you to easily access your editing workstation remotely – with extreme responsiveness, unmatched framerate and ultimate security.

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Due to the immense demand for high-bandwidth and low-latency, video post-production is often too challenging for traditional remote access tools. With ELEMENTS Satellite we’re introducing the first remote access solution purpose built for the media entertainment industry. Now, editing can be done with superb-quality from anywhere in the world – without any restrictions.

How it works

Introducing yet another game-changer for the media and entertainment industry

Spearheading innovation

ELEMENTS Satellite is merging technology, originally developed to revolutionize remote gaming by industry leader PARSEC, with low-latency demanding media workflows

Purpose built for media artists

Experience the first remote editing solution specifically designed to help you work from anywhere while maintaining the same look and feel as if you are sitting in front of your workstation on premise

Making remote work fun

Forget about unstable playback and low framerate: with ELEMENTS Satellite remote editing turns into a fluid and responsive experience with impeccable video quality and in-sync audio

Intuitive use – easy management

With the lightweight ELEMENTS Client app you can manage and initiate encrypted connections with a single click – on both Windows and macOS operating systems either end.

A powerful all-rounder

Besides making demanding workflows possible, ELEMENTS Satellite is equally suitable for your less performance-critical tasks like exporting, ingesting and workstation management

Unparalleled security

Keep full control of all access permissions centrally, create user accounts and benefit from additional security features such as two-factor authentication

How you benefit from ELEMENTS Satellite

Ultra smooth remote working

Edit with a superb-quality 4K 60FPS video from anywhere in the world without unstable playback or low framerate – resulting in extreme responsiveness instead of the lag and stutter normally associated with working remote.

Uncompro­mising security

Keep control of both access and sharing permissions centrally, create user accounts and benefit from additional security features and full end-to-end encryption – utilizing the ELEMENTS based connection broker.

Powerful management

Manage all remote sessions efficiently in our sophisticated ELEMENTS WebGUI without the need for costly hardware, third-party software or troublesome configuration. With ELEMENTS Satellite, connecting to shared workstations and even sharing your own desktop is as easy as ABC.

Pricing and Licensing

Starting at 75 € / month and user

With 5 users minimum, ELEMENTS Satellite subscriptions start at 75 € / month and user for a minimum of three months. Special pricing available for enterprise and volume customers.

For environments without an ELEMENTS system, or customers wanting a separate broker for ELEMENTS Satellite, a dedicated cloud instance of the ELEMENTS GATEWAY is available.

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Tech Specs


Up to 4K in 60fps


Minimum 10Mbps per client connected, 30Mbps or more recommended


Below 30ms between host and client is a good amount, but below 60ms is still fine for most people

OS support

MacOS 10.13 and up / Windows 10


Core 2 Duo or better, Core i5 or better recommended


Intel GMA 950 / NVIDIA 6000 series / AMD Radeon X1000 series or better


Minimum 4GB RAM


Keyboard and mouse support only (no other devices such as Wacom tablets etc.)


Monitor or HDMI emulator dongle must be connected on host computer, dual monitor support


Satellite works with MacOS from 10.13 onwards and PC’s with Windows 10

Satellite works with most common GPUs, including Intel, NVIDIA and AMD. The host GPU needs to support H.264 hardware encoding (unfortunately the „old“ Mac Pro does not!) and H.264 hardware decoding on the remote client.

Satellite will try to open up connections from the inside using UPnP which is supported by most routers, however in some cases it might be necessary to configure manual ports on the firewall.

In cases where UPnP is disabled, the host needs an inbound UDP port forwarding to the host machine´s IP.

We recommend using a wired connection with Satellite, but WiFi and even LTE can be used as well. But remember: Connection quality and latency are very important to get a good experience.

For best possible quality, we recommend 30Mbps or better upload speed,  the remote client will need around 10Mbps download / 2Mbps upload speed or better. But the actual bandwidth depends on the amount change in the transmitted picture and will be dynamically adapted. We have seen common video editing streams to use 3-6Mbps on average.

Unfortunately not. Only mouse and keyboard are supported for now, but we know that this is a common feature request and are working on a solution in the future. USB network server software can work around this limitation, but the support depends on the 3rd party software vendor. For example, Mac OS 10.15 is not supported yet by any USB network server software.

When a successful connection to the host has been made, a license slot is assigned to that host until the end of the month. When a new month begins, the licenses are released back to the pool.



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