Media Library


A Media Asset Manager (MAM) with advanced communication and collaboration features, designed to boost teamwork and increase efficiency in video production workflows – Meet the ELEMENTS Media Library

Media Library is a browser-based Media Asset Manager, purpose-built to support and enhance video production workflows.

Screen, rough-cut and present your footage using any device, with no installation required. Add LUTs or watermarks to your footage to enhance the screening experience or to protect your copyright. Boost productivity by assigning tasks to users and utilise a wide range of  collaborative features to directly communicate with other users.

Media Library runs directly on your ELEMENTS system, so your files never need to leave your company. If desired, Media Library access can be granted through a secure internet connection. Advanced permissions management, password protection and two-factor authentication keep your files safe from unwanted access.

Effective communication

Add frame-accurate comments and even on-screen drawings. This set of features combined with easy accessibility can greatly accelerate your communication processes.

Assign tasks

Need help with work coordination? Simply assign tasks to selected users. All assigned users will automatically be notified about the new task and a new entry will appear in their to-do list.

Intuitive content ranking

Each authorised user can rank any asset in the Media Library. Use the average rating to quickly and easily find the best shots.

Flexible metadata

Add any number of custom metadata fields to your assets. Choose icons to visually represent any custom field value e.g. the cloud icon indicates that the file is backed up in the cloud.

Feature Specs


Collaborative features integrated into the browser-based Media Library / Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari

Comment types

Frame-accurate comments assignable as tasks / User mentions / On-screen drawings in multiple colours / Emoji support / When imported into Premiere Pro, assets and rough-cuts retain created comments

Metadata types

Nine types of inheritable Custom Fields: Text field, Large text field, Selection field. Checkbox field, Number field, Date field, User field, Path field, URL field / Tags / AI Tags / Rating function

Validation rules

Number of digits / Regular expression / None

Search options

Any Field, Filename, Full Path, Used in a specific editor project, Modification time, Modified by, Workflow state, File type, Comment, Tags, Custom metadata fields


Media Library feature required

No user count limitations / 3rd party storage license optional

Access via

Internal network or VPN / Cloud based / Via dedicated worker node w. DMZ protection


Every user can view, comment and evaluate new footage instantly – anytime, from anywhere, using a computer, tablet or a phone. Frame-accurate comments, on-screen drawings and custom metadata fields simplify feedback and make communication processes easier and more precise than ever before.

Users with appropriate permissions can not only see the comments made on the assets, but also mention other users or even assign tasks to them. Custom Field metadata can be set up to store any additional data needed e.g. link to the involved and responsible persons, planned deadlines or backup status. This metadata can be displayed in the form of icons, making it easier to find footage without having to use the search function.

Yes – when importing footage using the ELEMENTS Premiere Pro Panel, comments and tags are imported along with it as markers. This is also the case when importing an editing project created in the Media Library’s Rough-cut Editor.

The user interface of the Media Library has been designed to be intuitive and easy-to-understand. Should any questions arise however, our series of short video tutorials can assist you in just a couple of minutes. Alternatively, our support team is always happy to help.

Every company faces one important challenge during its growth – that of maintaining efficiency. A well-designed MAM provides a communication and collaboration platform and allows different departments in the company to work together.



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