Project Management

No data shuffling anymore: Avid becomes part of the whole team

Project Management

Share media files natively

With ELEMENTS, Project Management becomes a lot easier, as you can share media files natively, embracing virtually all non-linear editing and VFX applications, on both Windows and OS X. Until now projects involving both Avid and other NLE applications had to be managed in two separate file systems: Unity or ISIS for the Avids and usually StorNext FS for all other applications.

With ELEMENTS, Avid users can work directly with StorNext FS, and still enjoy all features and functionalities of an Unity or ISIS, including Avid bin-locking and Avid project sharing.

Of course, ELEMENTS also allows users to work on the same project at the same time. The lock mechanism indicates who is working in which bin, enabling a user to edit a bin while other editors can still access the same files. You can grant access to groups or users while protecting the visibility of your shared storage.



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