ELEMENTS Storage Qualification Program

The ELEMENTS Storage Qualification Program guarantees the highest compatibility of the ELEMENTS products with a selected range of established 3rd party storage vendors for the media and entertainment industry.

Unique approach

An evolved take on storage management

The integration of qualified 3rd party storage into the ELEMENTS environment grants access to a wide range of management tools and features, and our editor-friendly interface lets you work with your assets in an intuitive manner. This easy-to-understand approach means you don’t need to rely on IT admins to organise and maintain the system. Empower the creative teams instead and let them control the storage as part of their everyday workflow.

Furthermore, the qualified 3rd party storage is expanded by a wide range of ELEMENTS management tools and features, developed exclusively for media use-cases.

Efficiency booster

Expanding storage capabilities

Supercharge your workflows by utilising ELEMENTS tools and features, purpose-built to support the media industry. Whether automating your day-to-day tasks with the powerful Workflow Automation Engine or enjoying worldwide collaboration through the Media Library, ELEMENTS tools provide everything you need to boost the productivity in your media workflows.

StorNext 7

Quantum Xcellis

Quantum Xcellis is a widely adopted high-performance SAN solution powered by the StorNext file system. Due to its flexibility in scaling and access, through Fibre-Channel or Ethernet protocols, this storage solution has found its way into many post-production and broadcast workflows.

Through the integration into the ELEMENTS platform, Quantum Xcellis is extended with valuable storage management tools, as well as the Avid Bin Locking feature. ELEMENTS UI can be used to manage and trigger StorNext features such as the StorNext Manager HSM functions and filesystem tiering.

Read more about StorNext 7 tiering features.


Dell EMC

Dell EMC PowerScale, formerly known as Isilon, is a high-performance Scale-out NAS solution powered by the OneFS file system. Due to its easy scaling and high availability features, Dell EMC PowerScale is an established part of the infrastructure of many companies in the media industry.

The integration of the Dell EMC storage into the ELEMENTS platform gives users access to the Avid Bin Locking feature, the ELEMENTS Media Library as well as a number of intuitive, yet powerful storage–and permission management tools. Allow users to run server-side automation jobs from their workstation by using our Automation Engine.

Overview of integrated features

StorNext 7
Storage management
Workspace creation
Workspace quota Hard/Soft Hard/Soft
NAS protocols Via ELEMENTS Gateway SMB/NFS
SMB Recycle bin
Permission management
Repair permission
File Manager access
Assign storage pools Coming soon
HSM integration Coming soon
SAN Client support
Avid Bin Locking
Media Library
Filesystem operations
Cloud sync
Run jobs from context menu macOS/Windows macOS/Windows
Filesystem-based tiering



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