Case closed: the struggle with sharing your content is finally over

Elements Click Sharing

The new ELEMENTS Click feature radically simplifies collaboration in production workflows – providing an intuitive, custom-made environment to share and review video files of any format and size from anywhere, anytime – with unmatched security.

How it works

Introducing a game changer for the media and entertainment industry

Huge File –> Small File

Having to export smaller versions of your HiRes deliverables is a blast from the past: our intuitive Media Library creates perfect web compatible previews without you even noticing it.

Share your content

Forget about FTP-Server transfers or time-consuming uploads: simply select the files you want to share and hit the »Share via Click« button.

Where the magic happens

The immediate upload to a high performance cloud is incredibly fast and most importantly: it doesn’t block any capacity on your ELEMENTS.

Create a custom-made environment

Design your own branded, high-security gallery that runs on the premium Amazon Cloud without having to grant anyone access to your own internal infrastructure.

Get your team and customers involved

Stay in full control of your content: you decide who is entitled to see what, how many times and in which time frame.

Optimised, worldwide communication

Every authorised user can view, comment and evaluate new footage instantly – anytime, from anywhere, with any device available – and independent of the upload speeds.

How you profit from ELEMENTS Click

icon-set security-icon

Unmatched security

You are in full control of your content without having to grant anyone access to your own internal infrastructure.

icon-set collaboration-icon

Simplified collaboration

Put an end to email chaos and FTP transfers and involve your team and customers instantly and in the most meaningful manner into the production process.

icon-set environment-icon

Intuitive environment

Create your own custom-made, branded gallery that perfectly serves your individual requirements and runs on the premium Amazon Cloud.



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