Partnering with the revolutionary BeeGFS file system

Next generation workflows powered by open architecture

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Engineered in Germany and internationally proven in scientific supercomputing environments such as AI and Life Science, BeeGFS enables next generation workflows while also meeting todays requirements. Due to its innovative, open architecture it introduces a whole new world of technological possibilities – from sophisticated automation engines to cloud-on-demand.

How it works

A file system built for the workflow innovations of the future

Pioneering media workflows

Welcome to the next generation of storage: we are proud to be the first to introduce BeeGFS to the media and entertainment industry

Open architecture

Set the groundwork for powerful and innovative media workflows – with a file system that is fully based on public source software

The missing link between cloud and on-premise

Unleash the future of storage by connecting your on-premise infrastructure with cloud services in a meaningful and efficient manner

Performance beyond state-of-the-art

Capitalize on a future-proof file system that has been officially evaluated by the SPEC Performance Benchmark as one of the fastest available

Official SPEC SFS results here

Made in Germany – internationally proven

Originally designed at the renowned Fraunhofer ITWM, BeeGFS is proven in science powerhouses like NASA and other supercomputing environments

Cutting-edge technical properties and features

Easily achieve multiple GB/s per client, scale from 100 TBs to multiple PBs with billions of files in a single namespace while benefiting from built-in userdata and metadata mirroring

How you benefit from the BeeGFS file system:

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Outsmart the status quo

Add a pinch of rocket science to your media workflow – with a file system that is proven in scientific supercomputing environments such as HPC, AI and Deep Learning.

Open architecture

Ensure your technological independence and open up a whole new world of workflow innovations by connecting on-premise and cloud solutions based on public source software.

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Future-proof solutions

With technological progress accelerating faster and faster, make sure you stay one step ahead of the state-of-the-art in terms of performance, scalability and ease-of-use.

Tech Specs

  • Multiple Exabytes in a single file system
  • Best in class client throughput – up to 8 Gigabyte/s with only a single process streaming on a 100GBit network
  • Non-disruptive and linear scaling of capacity and performance
  • No client licensing
  • Distributed file system metadata
Supported network protocols
  • SMB
  • AFP
  • NFS
  • Native Linux Client
Additional features
  • High Availability
  • Quota enforcement
  • Burst buffer function with BeeOND
  • RDMA support
  • Optional user data / metadata mirroring


BeeGFS is a file system of choice for a number of TOP500 supercomputers. It achieves high performance by transparently striping user data across multiple storage nodes. Furthermore, it can distribute file system metadata across multiple metadata servers. In other words, BeeGFS is specifically designed for concurrent access and cluster applications and delivers excellent stability and performance in situations of high I/O loads or patterns.

The performance of BeeOND (a cloud-based on-demand deployment of BeeGFS) was even tested by the Azure HPC team, demonstrating the first-ever one terabyte per second cloud-based parallel file system. To be exact 1.46 TB/s of read performance and 456 GB/s of write performance.

BeeGFS is specifically designed to avoid architectural bottlenecks or locking situations in the cluster. For this reason, it allows for non-disruptive and linear scaling on both the metadata and the storage level. The file system can be scaled “on the fly” in both capacity and performance from small clusters up to enterprise-class systems with thousands of nodes.

Yes, most maintenance tasks on BeeGFS can be done without downtime. This even includes minor release updates of the file system.

BeeGFS is designed for Ethernet from the ground-up and offers highest performance with the native RDMA support and a native Linux client. File system nodes can serve RDMA (InfiniBand, (Omni-Path), RoCE and TCP/IP) network connections at the same time and automatically switch to a redundant connection path.

Yes! Currently, native BeeGFS client is available for RHEL/CentOS, SLES, Debian and Ubuntu distributions.

BeeOND is an on-demand deployment BeeGFS, designed to integrate with cluster batch systems to create temporary parallel file system instances on a per-job basis. Such BeeOND instances provide a very fast and easy to use temporary buffer while at the same time keeping I/O load away from your primary storage cluster. In other words, it will soon be possible to flexibly expand the capacity and performance of your file system and enjoy all the benefits of cloud storage. As soon as your needs are met, the BeeOND file system instances can be removed just as quickly – a true, efficient cloud on-demand solution.

Particularly useful feature of BeeGFS is that it can support hybrid storage environments easier than other solutions. It enables us to build performant, yet efficient environments by mixing different storage mediums into a number of storage pools and thereby build futureproof hybrid solutions. Combining different storage mediums allows you to enjoy their individual benefits while achieving a great balance of performance and cost. 

Yes, the striping behavior of BeeGFS can be configured individually. You can decide how big the stripe should be and how it should be distributed across the storage targets.

BeeGFS started its life as a research project within the German Fraunhofer Center for High Performance Computing, initiated to support performance-oriented use cases, including HPC, AI and Deep Learning. It has played a central role in impressive projects such as the first ever black hole visualization in April 2019 and has found itself forming an important part of the organization workflows of NASA, Shell and the Max Planck Institute. It is also the file system of choice for a number of TOP500 supercomputers. Now, ELEMENTS is bringing this high-performance file system into the Media and Entertainment industry.

BeeGFS is created on an Available Source development model – this means that two editions are offered. One is a free, self-supported Community Edition of which the source code is publicly available. The other is the Enterprise Edition with additional features and functionalities and a full support offered by ThinkparQ. This is the version that ELEMENTS implements.



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