Media Library


Put an end to email chaos and FTP transfers. The sharing function of the Media Library, our Media Asset Manager (MAM), allows you to send preview links to your footage, simply, securely and fast.

Nowadays, just about any video production requires the content to be shared over the internet for screening or approval purposes. In order to achieve this, many production companies unfortunately compromise the security of their project by uploading their valuable content to third party online sharing services or by allowing unsecured access to their storage infrastructure.

The sharing function of the ELEMENTS Media Library allows you to grant access to chosen files on your storage in a secure manner, with your important footage never having to leave your company again. Utilise the wide range of collaborative features offered by the Media Library for precise communication with the recipient.

Share single files or whole folders and allow or restrict individual access and collaborative features on a per-user basis.

Share your content

Send preview links for your assets via email to anyone inside or outside of your organisation. Opening the link directs the recipient to the shared asset inside of your Media Library, which can optionally be branded to reflect your company’s design.

Effective collaboration

Comments, drawings and ratings – receive feedback from your recipients. Turn individual collaborative features on or off for every share created.

Safe and secure

Footage shared via a link provides the recipient with a unique key to access it. This way, your files never leave the company. For additional protection of your content, add a watermark to the shared previews.

Maintain full control

For every link shared, specific access permissions can be set. Choose to enable or disable individual functions, set the expiry date for the link or simply limit the view count. Choose to allow file uploads, downloads or asset re-sharing.

Enjoy quick and easy collaboration with anyone in the world

Feature Specs


Integrated into the browser-based Media Library / Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari

Permission management

Individual collaborative features such as comments, drawings etc. and metadata input features such as custom fields, tags etc. can be enabled or restricted for each share link recipient

Shareable objects

Assets and folders


Media Library module required

No user or share count limitations / 3rd party storage license optional

Access via

Internal network or VPN / Cloud based / Via dedicated worker node w. DMZ protection


Content is the most valuable property that any media company owns. Sharing this content over the internet by using potentially untrustworthy 3rd party tools is a disaster waiting to happen. Instead of having to send files to anyone, the share function of the Media Library allows you to send a direct access link to the selected footage. The recipient will only be able to use the functions that you’ve specifically enabled when creating the link. This means, you can, for example, restrict deletion or downloads but still allow the adding of comments or the uploading of new footage. If maintaining copyright is your primary concern, you can add watermarks to your videos or enable two-factor authentication log-in.

Absolutely – you can send time-sensitive links and allow the recipient to use the rating function as well as adding frame-accurate comments – or tie in the Automation engine to automatically run actions when the asset is approved.

Thanks to its versatility and unique features, the sharing function can easily be integrated into a number of different workflows. Beside the approval workflows with optimal collaborative features, the share function can also be used to allow external users to edit rough-cuts created in the Media Library. You can even use it for remote ingesting by allowing the recipient to upload content over the internet directly onto your ELEMENTS storage.

Yes – every shared link can be set to expire after a certain date and can be protected with a password. Additionally, the amount of times that the link can be used can also be limited. When creating a new link, you define what actions the recipient would be able to perform and what parts of the UI they will be able to see.



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