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Intelligent and reliable long-term archive


LTFS Archive

Stay on top of your assets: anytime, anywhere

ELEMENTS ARCHIVE helps to maintain high-performance on the production storage by off-loading assets to LTO tapes. By providing unique features such as access via a web-based interface with full-text search engine and advanced management capabilities, ELEMENTS ARCHIVE becomes one-of-a-kind.

ELEMENTS ARCHIVE actively maintains the highest possible integrity of the data and stores all information in a centralized database that simultaneously provides detailed information about every project.

In addition, you can choose your favorite tapes and libraries, as ELEMENTS ARCHIVE has certified a broad-range of tape libraries, including Quantum, IBM, HP, Tandberg and many more – feel free to build libraries with multiple drives and hundreds of slots at no additional costs.

Without the need for a hardware client, ELEMENTS’ LTFS support makes LTFS tapes accessible through the web-interface, both for reading and writing. For each file and tape metadata is written to a database, establishing a fully indexed archive over time, allowing to search for any keyword and information stored in the archive – just like using a web search engine. Adding customized fields provides the option to include additional information, e.g. customer project IDs, tape location or reference numbers, enhancing the scope of the archive significantly.

Complying with LTFS standards, the job manager will refuse to backup files that exceed the capacity of the tape. But it will allow to create jobs consisting of multiple files or folders that are bigger than one tape and will split them up accordingly. Even when a backup job was started already, with ELEMENTS it is possible to pause the backup job and execute a restore job – and resume the paused backup job after the restore job was finalized. Unlike other archive applications, ELEMENTS allows for creating multiple copies even if only one tape drive is available. With the job manager, jobs can be executed asynchronously which is very important when removing the original files from disk or the recording media.

The LTFS job manager allows for creating backup and archive jobs while keeping track of your files. To align files that belong to a certain project or customer, tape groups can be created, while tapes can be added to a tape group at any time to increase capacity. Within a tape group the job manager will try to fill up tapes to use space optimally.



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