Media Library

A new take on media storage: innovative, collaborative, intuitive

A powerful Media Asset Management and collaboration platform

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Defining a new standard

In times of global teamwork and ever more sophisticated projects Media Asset Managers have become indispensable tools, relied upon for a number of different tasks. But these ever-increasing requirements have made most MAM tools complex and hard to understand. The ELEMENTS Media Library changes the game. Profit from a new and intuitive way to access, share and work with your footage – one that is easy to understand and does not require any technical skills.

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Workflow Integration

The Media Library can be enabled on our storage solutions BOLT, NAS and ONE, as well deployed in the cloud. With ELEMENTS GATEWAY you can even utilise the features of the Media Library on storage solutions and platforms of other storage vendors. Fully integrated into the ELEMENTS permission management structure, Media Library makes it easy to control user access to projects or even individual files. Furthermore, individual functions and collaborative features can be controlled on a per-user basis.

Flexible operations

Anywhere, anytime

Screen, edit and present your footage on a powerful browser-based platform – using any device, no installation required. Add LUTs or watermarks to your footage to enhance the screening experience or to protect your copyright. Set up your own worldwide collaborative platform, by granting access to your Media Library through a secure internet connection. Alternatively, the Media Library can even be deployed in a cloud. Advanced permissions management, password protection and two-factor authentication keep your files safe from unwanted access. Media Library comes with no per-user licensing or user number limitations.

Convenient feedback management

Productive teamwork was never that simple

Every authorised user can view, comment and rate the footage – anytime, from anywhere, and with almost any device available at hand. Enhance communication by adding frame-accurate comments and even on-screen drawings. Need help with work coordination? Simply assign comments to specific users. Selected users will be notified about the assigned task which will appear in their to-do list. This set of features combined with easy accessibility can greatly accelerate your communication processes.

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Optimised communication

Put an end to email chaos and FTP transfers

Send preview links for your assets via email to anyone inside or outside of your organisation. Opening the preview link grants the recipient only the pre-set access permissions and the shared link can be set to expire, or even the number of views can be limited. Since the link acts as a unique access key to access the shared footage, your files will never leave the company. Need help deciding between different versions of your footage? Simply use the Media Library Compare function for a synchronous playback of up to four clips at the same time.

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Integrated Rough-cut Editor

Pre-cut the timeline to outline your story

The intuitive, browser-based editor can be used from anywhere in the world to create and edit a timeline. The finished rough-cut and the used subclips can be directly exported from the editor or passed to your favourite NLE. Continue the project in Avid Media Composer by importing the timeline from the EDL export, or simply import the timeline directly into Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve and keep all comments created on the footage as markers. Use our Plugin to easily access the Media Library and import footage and sequences without having to ever leave Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Easy automation

The tools needed to increase your productivity

Build powerful workflows using the Workflow Automation Engine and allow chosen users to start them directly from the Media Library. This integration allows users with little to no technical knowledge the ability to reliably execute a whole list of complex tasks in a matter of seconds – right from the Media Library of even from within macOS Finder or Windows Explorer.

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Efficient integrations

Editing process simplified

Stop the time-wasting movement between different programs. Using our Adobe Premiere Pro Plugin allows you to access the Media Library right from the NLE. Easily find, preview and import the footage including all comments made on it. The ELEMENTS Panel helps you save time by utilising Media Library proxy files for offline editing in Premiere Pro. Import footage or even rough-cuts by using the panel and keep all comments made in the Media Library as Premiere Pro markers.

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Intelligent data management

Precise visualisation of your content

Media Library allows you to browse, preview and manage your footage, from any location on your editing storage, in the cloud or in the archive. The integrated full text search engine helps you locate footage quickly and easily using any search criteria, such as metadata, comments, tags, modification time and many other – on your online storage, in the cloud or in the archive. Use the Media Library to backup or archive footage onto a separate storage system or cost-efficient LTO tapes, all while keeping the lightweight proxy files. The original files can be restored at any point with a single click after previewing the proxies.

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Enjoy teamwork

With constructive feedback tools that enable everyone to get the most out of it – together.

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Maintain control

The most effective remedy against stress: a well-organised workflow and precise communication.

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Stay mobile

Work whenever and wherever you like. Even with your mobile device whilst travelling or at home.

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Maintain cost efficiency

Media Library allows you to escape those burdening per-user license models.

Tech Specs


Browser-based / Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari

Video Formats

ProRes, DNxHD, DNxHR, XDCAM, P2, AVC, h264, XAVC, HEVC h265, CineForm, AVI, wmv, RED etc. (Compatibility may vary depending on format specifications)

Still Frame Support


Audio Formats

wav, mp3, m4a



Other Formats


Comment types

Frame-accurate comments assignable as tasks / User mentions / On-screen drawings in multiple colours / Emoji support / When imported into Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve, assets and rough-cuts retain created comments

Metadata types

Nine types of inheritable Custom Fields: Text field, Large text field, Selection field. Checkbox field, Number field, Date field, User field, Path field, URL field / Tags / AI Tags / Rating function

Search options

Any Field, Filename, Full Path, Used in a specific editor project, Modification time, Modified by, Workflow state, File type, Comment, Tags, Custom metadata fields

Export options

Export subclips of original files or proxies / Export a combined reel using H.264 presets / Clip handle-length support / Optional OP-Atom wrapping / EDL export


No user count limitations / 3rd party storage license optional

Access via

Internal network or VPN / Cloud based / Via dedicated worker node w. DMZ protection


Integrated into ELEMENTS project management environment / Per-user permission management / Active-Directory support / Two-factor authentication

High Availability

Full cluster support / Mirrored database engine


Users with appropriate access permissions can access the Media Library through a simple web-browser on virtually any device. The Media Library can either be deployed in a cloud or integrated into your on-premise storage. The locally installed Media Library can be used for internal collaboration, work organisation, data management and editing. Optionally, access to the locally hosted Media Library can be granted through a secure internet connection – allowing you to share assets via a link and enjoy global collaboration.

Yes – in one of two ways.

The ELEMENTS GATEWAY adds all ELEMENTS features, including the intuitive user interface with advanced security features, powerful user and data management tools and the Media Library to your existing storage solutions from other vendors.

Media Library can also be deployed in a cloud, providing worldwide access to all authorised users. This approach allows you to maximise the number of simultaneous users without having to worry about overloading your internet connection. Cloud-hosted Media Library can help to bring global collaborative tools to companies with strict internet policies.

Save time by instantly accessing, reviewing and pre-selecting your footage from anywhere. You gain insight into the metadata, see all available formats and leverage useful features such as mouse-hover preview. Preview the footage with a LUT of your choice via a simple drag-and-drop into the playback window or organise the production process by assigning tasks to selected users.

No, footage check-in and check-out is not necessary as the Media Library is directly connected to your storage. This means that you can use it to browse and manage files on your storage.

The integrated full-text search engine helps finding footage quickly and easily by any search criteria, such as file name, metadata, comments, tags, modification time, modifying user and many more. The Search function helps you not only to find files on your online storage, but also in the LTFS archive. Every user can save favourite searches to easily be executed with a single click.

Every authorised user can view, comment and evaluate new footage instantly – anytime, from anywhere, and with any device available. Unique features such as adding frame-accurate comments and even on-screen drawings simplify feedback remarkably – and make communication processes more precise than ever before. Need help coordinating the work? Simply assign specific users to your comments and drawings.

Both basic editing and exporting of footage is simple to understand and intuitive. If you require assistance, our series of tutorial videos, as well as our support team can provide you with help. The web player enables you to create subclips, which can easily be combined into a rough-cut on the editors timeline. For the export, choose from a list of professional video formats – from an XML file to import the whole sequence into your NLE to an OP-Atom export. All comments and notes created in the Media Library will be visible and accessible in Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve. Transferring markers to Avid Media Composer can be done via a marker export.

Yes – ELEMENTS Media Library allows you to play and compare up to four videos simultaneously – side-by-side and frame-accurately. Additionally, a slider comparison mode is well suited for comparing different versions of footage with different colour grading.



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