Media Library

Rough-cut Editor

Create editing projects and edit timelines straight from the Media Library – our intuitive browser-based Media Asset Management (MAM) tool with no per-user licensing

The HTML-based Media Library offers an easy and intuitive way to access the content on your storage. Beside the ability to screen, collaborate on and share your footage, the Media Library also provides a useful Rough-cut Editor.

The easy to use Rough-cut Editor allows you to edit a timeline remotely without your footage ever having to leave the company. The browser-based Editor requires no installation and comes with no per-user licensing.

Created rough-cuts can be exported directly from the Media Library or easily imported into your favourite NLE. When a timeline, created in the Rough-cut Editor, is opened in Adobe Premiere Pro, all comments made on the used clips will be imported as markers.

Edit anywhere

No need for a powerful computer or additional programs. A simple web browser and an internet connection is all you need to prepare and pre-cut your footage.

No downloads required

Using the Rough-cut Editor does not require any footage to be downloaded or programs installed. The created sequence is saved directly to the ELEMENTS storage within your company.

Import sequences into your favourite NLE

Quickly import entire editing projects via drag-and-drop into Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve. Alternatively you can use our Premiere Pro Plugin. Transfer the sequence to Avid Media Composer by using the EDL export function.

Keep all comments

When importing a rough-cut sequence into Adobe Premiere Pro, all comments made on the used footage will be imported as markers – an ideal way to support and guide the editing team.

No per-user licensing

Enjoy the Media Library and its functions with as many users as you wish at no extra cost. This model allows for maximum flexibility in scaling your company and your projects.

Feature Specs


Browser-based / Supported Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari / Integrated into the Media Library

Project Format

XML file compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve. AAF and EDL export for Avid Media Composer


Unlimited number of video tracks

Editing tools: Ripple and Roll trimming tools, Ripple insert, Overwrite insert, Split clip, Mute video track, Mute audio track, Solo audio track, Undo, Redo

Export options

Export subclips using original files or proxies / Export a combined reel using H.264 presets / Clip handle-length support / Optional OP-Atom wrapping / EDL export


No user count limitations / 3rd party storage license optional

Access via

Internal network or VPN / Cloud based / Via dedicated worker node w. DMZ protection


Integrated into ELEMENTS project management environment / Per-user permission management / Active-Directory support / Two-factor authentication


The Rough-cut Editor allows you to start editing a sequence as soon as the content is available on the storage – with no need for a performance workstation connected, fast network connection or even having to be in the same part of the world.

The projects created in the Rough-cut Editor are saved in Final Cut Pro XML format and can be imported directly into Adobe Premiere Pro via a simple drag-and-drop. Whilst using our Premiere Pro Panel, you can import your rough-cut projects and footage without ever having to leave your NLE.

When a project is imported into Premiere Pro, all comments made in the Media Library on the used footage will be imported as markers as well.

The Rough-cut Editor follows the same UI conventions as other NLEs and provides the same familiar tools – dragging clips, trimming, ripple and roll editing and slicing. If you’ve used Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve or Avid Media Composer before, you’ll be able to create and edit your first timeline in minutes.

You’ll save time and money by being able to start editing immediately, without the need for a high-performance workstation. When shooting on-site, editors can start working remotely even before the high-res content is delivered back to the office. The Media Library and the Rough-cut Editor have no per-user licensing or restrictions on the number of user accounts.

Yes – the Rough-cut Editor can render the sequences to a clip,  either from the high-res material or from proxy files. Alternatively, you can produce a set of used subcilps with optional handle length. The exporting clips can optionally be OP-Atom wrapped – ready to be used in Avid Media Composer.



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