ELEMENTS Media Library and Automation Engine deliver new production workflows at Trio Orange

Implementing solutions that reduce costs, increase efficiency, and optimize workflows.

Proxy editing in Da Vinci Resolve, secure link sharing with clients, and automated media tasks to increase efficiency.
Trio Orange
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Driving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing creativity
System used
ELEMENTS ONE and Media Library

Founded in 2008, Trio Orange is a Canadian production company with a cutting-edge post-production facility based in Montreal, Quebec, leading the way in innovative television and digital content, which they conjure up from their unique headquarters situated in a former local bank building. Working predominantly on documentaries, fiction and children’s content, the company is extremely proud of its success, attributing this to its young and vibrant workforce.

Variety is the spice of life

Technology Director Julien Hardy says, “Trio Orange is a youthful company but recently we have grown very quickly. Our associates are full of energy and always brimming with fresh ideas that are relevant to younger audiences and this attracts the broadcasters.

We work on a variety of projects at any one time and our workload can quickly bottleneck with small, time-consuming tasks. At present, we have around twenty-six TV productions and one new movie in the works. We realized that we needed a new infrastructure that would allow us to streamline our workflows and make us more efficient as a business.”

Embracing the change

Technology Director Julien Hardy continues, “It was crucial to us that any system we moved to would be flexible and work on a variety of productions, from kids‘ TV shows to feature films. We wanted a solution that could integrate seamlessly and was intuitive, which is why we chose to work with ELEMENTS, and so far, it’s working really well.

Implementing the system was very easy and we quickly built new simplified workflows. We fed the system with all our projects, and we were thrilled it worked so seamlessly. It’s exciting to think of what else is possible and what we can achieve!”  

We wanted a solution that could integrate seamlessly and was intuitive, which is why we chose to work with ELEMENTS, and so far, it’s working really well.

Julien Hardy, Technology Director, Trio Orange

Hardy adds, “Change can be difficult, but we found moving over to the new ELEMENTS system from our previous toolset to be relatively easy, and we’ve seen countless improvements from how things were before. Initially, there were some nerves amongst our less tech-savvy team members when using features like the Automation Engine, Media Library, and new types of sharing links, but we all quickly adapted thanks to the intuitive design of the ELEMENTS interface.

Another significant benefit for us has been the cost savings. A number of companies are moving to the Cloud, however, when we assessed our infrastructure, it became apparent that we didn’t require this or the additional costs that come with it. Even if it still getting better and cheaper, Internet speed/charges ratio in Canada are still high compared to Europe and USA. Most editors working from home still have standard internet service, which means that downloading ProRes proxies is heavy and time-consuming. We installed an internet-connected ELEMENTS Worker Node, editing in tiny H.264 files, so a day’s production footage of approximately 5Gb is easier to download. There is nothing to sync at night because the files are large, or the Codec is too heavy. Our editors can log in to the ELEMENTS system, download their proxies and can start editing with them within 10 to 15 minutes.

We have also recently moved to editing in DaVinci Resolve with the projects and media (hi-res and proxies) stored on the ELEMENTS system. The editors cut and save their versions and projects with their individual permissions set for the productions. Logging in to the ELEMENTS system is linked to the Active Directory, just like their Google account, so everything is quick. On DaVinci Resolve, we can switch between the proxies and the transcripts flawlessly; after the edit is approved, we switch back to the hi-res material and do the colour grading, it’s a great workflow.”

Hardy continues, “The ELEMENTS Automation Engine has been a game-changer in terms of our efficiency. Previously, our project preparation time and manual workflow steps were time-consuming, but with the new system, we have a script to ingest files to a workspace, rename them, and generate and transcode proxies just by pressing a button, allowing our assistant editor’s much more time with the customers. And there’s so much more that you can do, it’s like a giant playground! All of these benefits, plus the fantastic support at ELEMENTS, it has been a game changer for us.”

Taking control

Hardy concludes, “I feel like we made the switch to ELEMENTS at just the right time. The solution has matched our needs perfectly and the star of the show has been the Media Library and its toolset. It has meant that we have been able to reduce our costs, increase our efficiency and most importantly optimize our workflows so we can concentrate on our creative and our clients.”

ELEMENTS is proud to assist Trio Orange as they transition into a new and exciting way of working.

All of these benefits, plus the fantastic support at ELEMENTS, it has been a game changer for us.

Julien Hardy, Technology Director, Trio Orange
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