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Support of “flex suites” + Avid bin-locking
Pirates 'n Paradise
Dusseldorf + Berlin (GER)
Obscuring of file and folder names
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Pirates ‘n Paradise, a famous and well-respected full service post-production network in Germany, has an impeccably successful track record of almost 20 years, showing clearly: Pirates ‘n Paradise is one of the most innovative digital facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and an extraordinary team of highly qualified and specialized artists.

Headquartered in Dusseldorf, one of the advertising-metropolises in Germany, and their branch in the country’s capital Berlin, the award-winning experts at Pirates ‘n Paradise cover the full range of post-production services, from editing, to high-end compositing, to motion graphics. Even the most complex 3D projects and stereoscopic productions can be accomplished on an exceptional level of quality that meets and exceeds international standards. Pirates ‘n Paradise provides their services to national and international advertising agencies and industrial clients as well as to documentary and event film productions.

Passionate about both creativity and quality, “the Pirates” are notorious for constantly developing better, faster and more efficient ways to provide their clients with the best possible service in the increasing complexity of digital post-production workflows.

Cutting-edge – one step further

The specialists at Pirates ‘n Paradise, Berlin were on the cutting edge of a trend when they decided to replace their existing SAN with an Ethernet-based solution that would deliver the performance required to handle their complex workflows. The best and only solution to fulfill those requirements in terms of flexibility, simplicity and security and at the same time would also accommodate their need for room to grow, was the 60bay-edition of ELEMENTS ONE, in combination with a Mellanox 40Gb Ethernet switch.

Pirates Production

It’s all about creativity and flexibility

Digital post-production at Pirates ‘n Paradise is about flexibility, versatility and freedom in the creative process. Being the innovators and forerunners they are, the experts at Pirates ‘n Paradise leverage every opportunity to cater to that credo. That’s why they invented the so-called “flex suites” that allow them to run not only one application at a time but switch applications when the particular project calls for a different set of tools. In their Berlin-branch the applications required to run in their flex suites include Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Autodesk Flame and Blackmagic’s DaVinci Resolve.

Of course, ELEMENTS ONE was the perfect choice for Pirates ‘n Paradise, as it allows to easily and swiftly switch applications.

Flex Suite support

With its capability to grant workstations access via AFP, SMB and NFS, while providing a truly shared file system, ELEMENTS ONE makes it easy to collaborate amongst virtually all NLE applications.

Avid Bin-locking support

Since ELEMENTS ONE provides full and native support for Avid bin-locking and Avid Project Sharing, collaboration for every project is simplified significantly.

The Pirates challenged us with a request that nobody had ever asked for before. But since no manufacturer on the globe could provide what they needed, we had no choice but to do it!

André Kamps, CEO, ELEMENTS

A very special challenge to master

Handling highly confidential projects from all kinds of industries on a regular basis, Pirates ‘n Paradise had a very unique requirement that has never been done before: providing a solution that would allow to obscure project and folder names.

In order to prevent unauthorized people in the facility to see the actual project names, Pirates ‘n Paradise needed randomly generated code names, while implementing the option to provide authorized users still access to the real project name.

In addition, an ideal solution would allow to generate unique one-time passwords (tokens) using the OATH standard. Of course, general workflow optimization and simplification for all 15 clients in the network was on the wish list as well.

One-time passwords

ELEMENTS ONE provides the embedded option to create unique tokens, tied to every project. The advanced user and project management feature guarantees increased data and project security, allowing only authorized users access to the relevant data.

Obscuring project names

Since no existing solution on the market would fulfill the requirements of obscuring project/file names while displaying the real project/file names to authorized users only, ELEMENTS developed and implemented this very unique feature for Pirates ‘n Paradise.

Innovators and frontrunners

In close collaboration and with the support from the IT Security officers at Pirates ‘n Paradise, ELEMENTS’ development team has accomplished to get recognized by the DIN ISO-27001/ISO 27002. In addition, Pirates ‘n Paradise was the first ELEMENTS customer to tame ELEMENTS proprietary super brain HEINER… (nice try, guys!)

With its unique set of features and functionalities, ELEMENTS ONE answers to every requirement of Pirates ‘n Paradise. ELEMENTS enables native sharing of media files across all platforms and applications which contributes to a streamlined collaborative workflow and simplifies the effort significantly.

Photographer: Christian Kühn

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