Sharing media files efficiently across various workstations

The pitfalls of maintaining multiple file systems


The majority of professional post-production and broadcast facilities are facing the same dilemma: sharing the files natively across all platforms through their shared storage system in a heterogeneous SAN or NAS environment is impossible – at least as soon as Avid Media Composers are involved that rely on their own proprietary file system Unity/Isis/Nexis.

Hence, it is inevitable to maintain two files systems, one file system (oftentimes StorNext®) for all applications utilized for color correction, editing and VFX/3D CGI, and another separate Unity or Nexis file system, dedicated for the Avid workstations. Native and direct sharing of files across the two file systems is impossible.

Therefore, implementing rather complex media management tools or complicated workarounds like time-consuming data shuffling are required to make the media files available for other applications – a rather undesirable additional manual effort, especially in the fast-pace M&E industry, where simplicity and speed are of the essence.

The remedy: consolidating file systems

The easiest and most obvious remedy to this challenge – rendering those complicated workarounds obsolete – would significantly contribute to simplified and streamlined workflow processes. ELEMENTS solutions enable Avid clients to direct-connect to the shared storage, and collaborate seamlessly – even on a StorNext® file system. By fully simulating an Avid shared storage environment, the technology bridges the gap between all applications, even supporting Avid bin-locking and project sharing.


One truly shared file system – even in StorNext®FS or Xsan environments

ELEMENTS enables every post-production and broadcast facilities to share files natively by simply adding ELEMENTS GATEWAY to any existing SAN or NAS storage, instantly enabling virtually all non-linear editing and VFX applications in every SAN/NAS environment to share not only media files but entire projects natively across the entire facility and across all platforms, regardless whether utilizing StorNextFS® or Xsan file system – Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and even Avid will read and write files natively to the shared storage.


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