Global coverage for global sports event

ELEMENTS connects Pyeongchang, South Korea with Vienna, Austria


ELEMENTS NAS – the gold standard

Certain events don’t happen just locally – they happen globally. Austrian public service broadcaster ORF, requiring instant live coverage for the global sports event in South Korea, assigned vastly experienced and highly skilled expert BNC GmbH placed in Berlin and Vienna, the Ingest & Content Management onsite in Pyeongchang.

THE TASK: Deliver up-to-the-minute raw and edited video footage to be aired in Vienna, Austria.

Not exactly an easy exercise without utilizing costly satellite technology. But the professionals at BNC chose ELEMENTS to rise to the challenge. So, a team of four BNC editors packed their bags – and an ELEMENTS NAS – and went to South Korea.

Fast and simple set-up – ready to go right on time

ELEMENTS stands for simplicity, hence, almost like a plug-‘n-play scenario, the all-in-one NAS appliance was quickly and hassle-free set-up as the pivotal hub for exchange and transfer of video assets. Connected via 10GbE to three EVS XT4K, ELEMENTS NAS provided 30 video inputs and 6 outputs.

The set-up of ELEMENTS NAS and the JBOD expansion in South Korea was child’s play! Also connecting ELEMENTS NAS to the EVS and Adobe Premiere systems was incredibly easy.

Enrico Ganassin, CEO at BNC

Lightning-speed performance – with NVMe

Equipped with incredibly fast NVMe flash storage, ELEMENTS NAS (just like all other ELEMENTS appliances) performed with zero latencies and double the throughput, and with up to 1.2 million IOPS – and the incredible bandwidth made the entire UHD project a breeze.

Ingest, editing, MAM, distribution – all in one spot

Serving as the central media storage, ELEMENTS NAS managed all assets centrally through ELEMENTS easy-to-use MAM, Media Library.

The raw video footage, provided by the ENG teams, recorded on XDCAMs, went with up to 30 simultaneous streams through the EVS XT4K directly onto ELEMENTS NAS – and into ELEMENTS Media Library.

ELEMENTS NAS also served 4 full-fledged Adobe Premiere editing suites, connected via 1GbE. Each was equipped with AJA IO, audio mixing console for post dubbing, RTW audio monitor, and two additional reference monitors to check the incoming video footage rounded up the equipment on the editing side of things.

ELEMENTS NAS provided the editors on site instant concurrent read access to latest footage, allowing them to bring the raw material into shape, ready to be distributed – and streamed back to Vienna, Austria.

Streaming both ways – and editing along the way

The clips and coverage the editor created were aired both in South Korea and in Austria, by transmitting the material directly to the operator’s desk at the broadcast station ORF. For the streaming part, BNC utilized one ingest suite for both inbound (from the ENG teams onsite) and outbound (for streaming to Vienna, Austria, executed by three EVS XTAccess and two EVS IP-Director suites, connected via 10GbE).

For 22 days straight we live-produced and transmitted to Austria – without a hitch! We didn’t experience loss of performance or any issues, really – ELEMENTS was just great!

Enrico Ganassin, CEO at BNC

Pyeongchang is just a mouse-click away

The transmission from South Korea to Vienna, Austria was conducted utilizing Signiant/PCMS installed at ORF’s server. The editors and directors at ORF also had the option to transmit footage back to Pyeongchang in the same fashion to ensure the local coverage in South Korea aligned well with what ORF was airing back in Austria.

Germany scored – big time!

In the Olympic medal count, Germany came in second in the world – but ELEMENTS NAS won Gold throughout.


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