Portable media storage ELEMENTS CUBE increases efficiency on set

How to leverage the time during filming more productively


In the digital age of the Media&Entertainment industry everything is about speed, efficiency and flexibility. However, everyone who has ever been on a movie set knows: especially filming can be agonizingly slow. With more and more projects shot digitally today, it is a blessing that there is no need for time-consuming changes of film reels anymore; but there are still significant waiting times involved in every shoot – and certain processes that seem to drag on for hours. While a small number of people are frantically working to prepare the set, or adjust the lights, or fulfill any other important task, numerous people are sitting idle, waiting for a signal to set in motion again.

Wouldn’t it be nice to use those waiting times more efficiently? Especially when shooting digitally, hence, the footage is stored on digital disks already, the director or the editors on set should be able to do more than just watch the assets. But until now they usually had to wait to actually do something with it till it was made available at the post-production facility.

Get to work right away

Today, thankfully all of this can change dramatically, and the procedures as described above are actually already a thing of the past. But to top it off, our ultra-portable media storage brings a lot more to the party than just portable high-performance storage. Equipped with a comprehensive set of field-proven and fully intuitive workflow and media asset management tools embedded, ELEMENTS CUBE lets you use any standard computer or tablet or even your smart phone to view, pre-select, and even edit your assets right away and directly on set.


Rough-cut during lunch break

The Media Library, an exclusive web-based media asset management, is also accessible through ELEMENTS CUBE, allowing the director and the editor to add notes or comments to certain clips or even single frames, and even rating particular sequences significantly simplify the preselection process. Even on-screen drawings, pointing out certain issues with an image just got a lot easier, are easily possible without any special devices required.

Bottom line: portable media storage is not just a fancy gimmick to boast how advanced you are, or brag on the plane that you carry all your media assets with you all the time. When intelligent and sophisticated tools are embedded on the mobile storage unit, it can considerably enhance your productivity – and dramatically reduce time-to-completion, as a lot of the work has already been finished before you were even back at the post-production facility.

MAM on-screen drawings

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