Announcing End of Life for ELEMENTS Satellite

This discontinues a great remote editing tool but not our cooperation with Parsec

Filip Milovanovic
Post-production expert,

In 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic was picking up pace and the industry saw a significant rise in remote workflows, we became very aware of the large impact that a low-latency remote editing tool with central management could have for post-production facilities. For this reason, we decided to create ELEMENTS Satellite, which is based on the Parsec SDK, to bring a new and highly responsive remote editing solution to the Media & Entertainment industry.

Features of ELEMENTS Satellite

Apart from seamlessly integrating Parsec’s technology into ELEMENTS environments, we have added a number of features to answer the unique requirements of media workflows. These features include hosting GPU accelerated remote session on macOS, a requirement extremely important for the video industry, improved performance, central connection and permission management and more.

ELEMENTS Satellite was made to be exceptionally intuitive and easy to use. After using the user credentials to log-in into the ELEMENTS Client, the editor can simply click on any of the shared editing workstations and a remote connection will be established. This is the same lightweight client that the editor uses to connect to storage workspaces in the same, simple, one-click manner. In the Workstations tab of the ELEMENTS Web UI, administrators can simply decide which user can connect to which workstation.


The feedback was truly amazing, and we are sincerely happy to have been able to support so many post-production facilities and help them get through the tough times without sacrificing their productivity. However, Parsec was sold to Unity and their Parsec for Teams product has evolved a lot since the original release of ELEMENTS Satellite. Many of the features that made ELEMENTS Satellite special have now been added to Parsec for Teams and in other areas Parsec for Teams is now more powerful than what we were able to provide through ELEMENTS Satellite. As we always strive to do what’s best for our customers, we believe that using Parsec tools directly would be the most efficient solution moving forward.

For this reason, we have decided to discontinue ELEMENTS Satellite from January 1st, 2023.

All existing users can continue to use ELEMENTS Satellite and all of its features until the end of 2022, but we recommend signing up for Parsec for Teams directly and starting to use their suite of tools for a really powerful, feature-rich and responsive remote desktop experience. Check out their website and feel free to reach out.


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The decision to end ELEMENTS Satellite does not end our partnership with Parsec, in fact we will continue our collaboration and we are currently working on a Parsec for Teams integration within the ELEMENTS platform (using the powerful Parsec for Teams APIs). This approach will guarantee the longevity of our integration over the usage of a proprietary 3rd party SDK.

Here at Parsec we were thrilled to see the amazing developments carried out by ELEMENTS in 2020, and we are now eagerly looking forward to our future collaboration which will make remote workflows within the media industry more efficient, more secure – and a lot smoother.

Benjy Boxer, Unity, co-founder of Parsec

More information on Parsec for teams.

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