Ultra-portable media storage with editing capabilities and MAM

ELEMENTS CUBE combines all of ELEMENTS‘ unique features in an ultra-small form factor chassis for storing, managing and organizing assets in the field and on the go.

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Key Facts

Key-Fact Icon Capacity


• up to 32 Terabyte

Key-Fact Icon Speed


• over 1500 Megabyte/s

Key-Fact Icon Scalability


• direct-attach multiple clients

Product Details

Increase productivity on set

New footage created on set can be transferred directly from the camera onto the ELEMENTS CUBE portable media storage. Simultaneously you can start to preview, pre-select, comment and even edit the clips – from any device via the optional Media Library.

Rough-cut on the go – fully compatible

Rough-cuts created with the Media Library on ELEMENTS CUBE can easily be transferred to virtually every professional editing application, including Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere. Even all comments, remarks and drawings added in the Media Library are fully visible and accessible by those high-end editing suites.

Product Features

More than media storage

Discover our unique features that make your daily work less complicated and more efficient – with intuitive tools that ease your workflow.


  • Chassis • desktop chassis up to 16 drives
  • Capacity • up to 32 Terabyte
  • Speed • over 1500 Megabyte/s
  • Scalability • direct-attach multiple clients
  • Weight • starts with. 7,96kg / 18 lbs (including 16 x 2,5“ 1TB hard disks)
    • final weight depends on individual set-up
  • Power • 450 W (primary)
  • Dimensions • L x W x H 410mm x 205mm x 330mm
CUBE Product Sheet CUBE Product Sheet (print out)


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