ELEMENTS Remote Week 2020

Remote Week 2020 – Discover the future of storage and remote editing

September 8th – 11th, 2020


September 8th – 11th, 2020

Register here:

1. ELEMENTS Satellite Showcase
8 Sept 10am (London)
9 Sept 10am (Los Angeles)
10 Sept 1pm (London)
11 Sept 4pm (London)

2. ELEMENTS Storage Overview
8 Sept 1pm (London)
10 Sept 10am (London)
11 Sept 10am (Los Angeles)

3. Media Library
8 Sept 4pm (London)
9 Sept 10am (London)
10 Sept 10am (Los Angeles)
11 Sept 1pm (London)

4. Workflow Automation
8 Sept 10am (Los Angeles)
9 Sept 1pm (London)
10 Sept 4pm (London)
11 Sept 10am (London)


1. New ELEMENTS Satellite: Remote Editing and Remote Workflows

2. The new centrepiece of your facility: ELEMENTS Media Storage

3. Browser based remote collaboration with the Media Library

4. Workflow Automation for everyone: Increase efficiency, decrease work

Traditionally September means only one thing, the IBC Show in Amsterdam. This is also the time where we present our new solutions and updates to the industry, but unfortunately, this year is different. So we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our exciting new products and solution updates.

ELEMENTS are organising a series of web sessions between 8th and 11th September, where we will introduce our new remote editing software ELEMENTS Satellite and showcase the latest innovations in media storage workflows. We have prepared four sessions for you, which we will present to you daily.

Learn more about remote editing of the future, the ELEMENTS media storage ecosystem and its solution, collaborative workflows with our ELEMENTS Media Library and how to benefit from smart workflow automations.

1. New ELEMENTS Satellite: Remote Editing and Remote Workflows

Due to the immense demand for high-bandwidth and low-latency, video post-production is often too challenging for traditional remote access tools. With ELEMENTS Satellite this is a thing of the past: introducing the first remote access solution purpose built for the media entertainment industry. Now, editing can be done with superb-quality from anywhere in the world, without any restrictions.

We’ll also be looking at how to utilise the Media Library and how to use the ELEMENTS Client through a VPN connection to setup remote workflows.

2. The new centrepiece of your facility: ELEMENTS Media Storage

ELEMENTS at Post Control Server Rack

Get to know the new centrepiece of your facility, which is so much more than just storage. The experts at ELEMENTS will explain how human-centered storage can elevate your workflows to the next level. Learn more about our product range and the benefits of the ELEMENTS ecosystem. We will talk about the use of NVMe in media and entertainment, advantages of network based storage protocols and hybrid cloud technologies.

3. Browser based remote collaboration with the Media Library

View, edit, annotate and comment on your material with our MAM, the ELEMENTS Media Library. Create rough cuts in the web browser and share them with your colleagues and external contributors for review and approval. Trigger custom workflows from an easy to use web interface that runs on-premise or on a hosted virtual ELEMENTS Gateway, with your preferred cloud provider. All whilst preserving security requirements with easy VPN integrations.

4. Workflow Automation for everyone: Increase efficiency, decrease work

Learn how workflow automation can be used to automatically sync proxies of your hi-res media to a cloud, which can be managed via ELEMENTS Gateway. Connect multiple remote editors to the cloud and work on small, low-bandwidth media in all major NLEs. Sync back project files to the main editing facility. Furthermore, we will demonstrate some of our powerful integrations with different cloud technology providers.

Join us!

Please join us for what will be an informative and engaging set of web sessions or contact us to find out how ELEMENTS can make your media storage work harder, your workflow smoother and your busier days less complicated.

Register here:

Tuesday, 8th Sept 2020:
10am (London) ELEMENTS Satellite Showcase
1pm (London) ELEMENTS Storage Overview
4pm (London) Media Library
10am (Los Angeles) Workflow Automation

Wednesday, 9th Sept 2020:
10am (London) Media Library
1pm (London) Workflow Automation
10am (Los Angeles) ELEMENTS Satellite Showcase

Thursday, 10th Sept 2020:
10am (London) ELEMENTS Storage Overview
1pm (London) ELEMENTS Satellite Showcase
4pm (London) Workflow Automation
10am (Los Angeles) Media Library

Friday, 11th Sept 2020:
10am (London) Workflow Automation
1pm (London) Media Library
4pm (London) ELEMENTS Satellite Showcase
10am (Los Angeles) ELEMENTS Storage Overview

We’re looking forward to e-seeing you in our Remote Week!



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