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The all-new ELEMENTS workflow ecosystem. Building bridges between on-premise and cloud – tailor-made for Media & Entertainment

With our new cloud platform, we’re building bridges between on-premise and cloud storage that are tailor-made for the Media & Entertainment industry, giving users the option to choose their favorite cloud-provider, whilst offering efficient and fully scalable deployment on all industry-leading cloud-platforms.

Users will also benefit from seamless integration, allowing them the same experiences and performance that on-premises solutions offer. The low-latency experience will make global collaboration a smooth and pleasant experience across devices, whilst enabling large production teams to work remotely from anywhere. Further bonuses include cloud-on-demand, which enables savings to be made, as users will only need to pay for resources as they need them. And thanks to decentralized data management, users can increase scalability, reliability and availability, by capitalizing on a decentralized cloud storage.

To find out more about this exciting development visit our cloud platform page now.

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