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High-performance media storage meets highly scalable AI technology!

SPIEGEL TV GmbH will be equipped by ELEMENTS and rebotnix Vision tools with the world’s first high-performance media storage system, which ensures that the SPIEGEL TV video archive of almost three decades is transferred to a local MAM. The unique, state-of-the-art AI technology uses 12,700 program hours and more than 135,000 disk assets to automatically index all images, audiofiles, and videos in the SPIEGEL TV Archive without going to the cloud (mandatory corporate guideline!).

The groundbreaking innovation though lies in the seamless integration with ELEMENTS Media Library (MAM). As a highly scalable AI platform, rebotnix offers the most comprehensive detection capabilities available today. This includes the recognition of face, emotion, (multi) object, text, color and much more. The powerful technology even covers transcripts (speech-to-text), making them even more versatile and practical. ELEMENTS has succeeded in linking rebotnix and its delivered search results directly to the Media Library, which enables it to understand all metadata and automatically integrate it into the database.

Fastest AI meets fastest media storage

ELEMENTS BOLT delivers fragmentation-free ultra-high-performance performance with ultra-high bandwidth and the highest levels of Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS) rates – with almost zero latencies. Even when working in high resolutions of 8K or higher, BOLT provides unmatched performance for all workstations (clients) connected to the central storage system.

Together, these three components enable SPIEGEL TV to collaborate smoothly across all production and post-production departments while all authorized employees are having full access to all assets in their video archive.

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