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Workspaces store your media and help you access it


Data on an ELEMENTS system is stored in workspaces – a freely-definable and highly-customisable organisational unit. Workspaces can be mounted with a single click using the ELEMENTS Client and can contain any number of files and folders. The Workspaces section in the Web UI allows for a precise configuration of access permissions, quotas, mounting parameters and many more options for every workspace individually.

How to create a Workspace?

1. In the ELEMENTS Web UI, navigate to the Workspaces menu. Alternatively, navigate to the Productions menu and choose a production in which the workspace should be created.

2. Use the „+ Create workspace“ button.

3. All that is needed to create a workspace is to choose a name for the new workspace and select the parent production. Optionally, a template can be used to automatically populate the new workspace with files and folders, and the Avid bin locking feature can be turned on.

4. Upon clicking the „Create“ button, workspace settings menu will be opened.

5. In the Permissions tab, set up access permissions for selected users and groups. Permissions can also be granted through the parent production or through the workspace templates.

Find more information on Workspace settings in the following Web UI documentation.

Workspace Documentation – ELEMENTS Web UI

Creating a Workspace


Creating a Production



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