Media Library

Premiere Pro integration

Access the Media Asset Manager (MAM) straight from Adobe Premiere Pro with the powerful Media Library Plugin – Import assets and sequences, start automation jobs and collaborate with other users

Put an end to the time-wasting movement between different programs. Use the Media Library Panel in Adobe Premiere Pro to browse files on your ELEMENTS system, quickly import footage and start automation jobs.

Besides providing a fast and intuitive method for previewing footage, the panel allows you to save time by using existing Media Library proxies for editing in Adobe Premiere Pro instead of waiting for the program to create them. Switching between proxy and full quality footage is as easy as pressing a button.

The ELEMENTS Premiere Pro Panel can be used in both on-site and remote workflows over the internet.

Two tools merged into one

For efficient previewing and importing of your footage, access the Media Library straight from Adobe Premiere Pro.

Proxy workflows

Proxy files created by the Media Library can be used for editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. Switch between full resolution and the proxy mode with a single click in the ELEMENTS Premiere Pro Panel.

Simplified processes

Streamline the process of finding footage and adding it to your editing project. Importing clips and rough-cuts created in the Media Library is as easy as double-clicking the asset.

Increased efficiency

Use the panel to start predefined automations straight from Adobe Premiere Pro. All tasks will be executed directly on your ELEMENTS system.

Enhanced communication

When using the plugin to import a clip or a rough-cut into Adobe Premiere Pro, all comments added to the clips in the Media Library will be imported as markers. This can also optionally be done with the results of the AI analysis.

Feature Specs


Adobe Premiere Pro plugin offering Media Library functionalities from the NLE / Versions since Adobe CC2018 supported

Comment import

Upon importing into Premiere Pro, assets and rough-cuts retain comments created in the Media Library

Search options

Any Field, Filename, Full Path, Used in an editor project, Modification time, Modified by, Workflow state, File type, Comment, Tags, Custom metadata fields

Additional functions

Start automation jobs, toggle proxy view, rate assets, move, copy, cut, paste content


Media Library feature required

No user count limitations / 3rd party storage license optional

Access via

Premiere Pro Plugin available for Windows and macOS


Available on Adobe Exchange or in the ELEMENTS Web UI for manual install


The ELEMENTS Premiere Pro Panel provides access to the Media Library straight from Adobe Premiere Pro. The Panel provides a wide range of functions including footage and rough-cut import, asset search, asset rating and management, starting automation jobs and many more. The Premiere Pro Panel eliminates the need to move between different programs.

Video thumbnails with the hover-preview function allow editors to quickly preview the footage in a speedier and more intuitive manner than by using Finder or Windows Explorer.

When importing footage, all comments and tags created in the Media Library are imported as markers into Adobe Premiere Pro. Furthermore, the usual Media Library search engine is available in the Panel, allowing the user to search assets using various metadata fields.

With the Media Library and the Premiere Pro Panel, you can quickly import only the footage you really need. It is just as easy to import prepared rough-cuts along with the used clips. Limited by your internet connection? Switch to the Proxy Mode which automatically downloads and links the pre-generated proxy files into your Premiere Pro project.



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