Versatile entry-level NAS solution

ELEMENTS NAS combines all our features in an affordable solution for small workgroups without the need for block-level access.

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Key Facts

Key-Fact Icon Capacity


• up to 144 Terabyte

Key-Fact Icon Speed


• over 2000 Megabyte/s

Key-Fact Icon Scalability


• direct-attach multiple clients

Product Details

NAS at its best

ELEMENTS NAS is equipped with two 10GBASE-T ports (optional: 10Gbit optical) that are compatible with standard 1Gbit Ethernet. Both the OS and the file system metadata are stored on SSD for improved performance. Simultaneous file access through NFS, SMB and AFP and dual RAID controllers guarantee utmost flexibility and reliability.

Intuitive features for enhanced collaboration – easily integrated

ELEMENTS NAS provides most features and benefits like ELEMENTS ONE, including the full package of workflow enhancement tools and the optional Media Library. With no IT skills required it is easily set up to start collaborating right away.

Product Features

More than media storage

Discover our unique features that make your daily work less complicated and more efficient – with intuitive tools that ease your workflow.


  • Chassis • 24 bay 4U, rack-mountable, with up to 24 hard drives 3,5"
    • 24 bay 2U, rack-mountable, with up to 24 hard drives 2,5"
  • Capacity • up to 144 Terabyte
  • Speed • over 2000 Megabyte/s
  • Scalability • direct-attach multiple clients
  • Weight • 24 bay 4U: approx. 37,0 kg
    • 24 bay 2U: approx. 37,0 kg
  • Power • 24 bay 4U: 1320 W (primary)
    • 24 bay 2U: 1320 W (primary)
  • Dimensions • 24 bay 4U: L x W x H 725mm x 465mm x 180mm
    • 24 bay 2U: L x W x H 725mm x 465mm x 90mm
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