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Capacity (TB)
16 ultd.
Speed (MB/s)
16 ultd.
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Product Features

More than media storage

Discover our unique features that make your daily work less complicated and more efficient – with intuitive tools that ease your workflow.

Project Management

No data shuffling anymore: Avid becomes part of the whole team

Project Management

Share media files natively

With ELEMENTS, Project Management becomes a lot easier, as you can share media files natively, embracing virtually all non-linear editing and VFX applications, on both Windows and OS X. Until now projects involving both Avid and other NLE applications had to be managed in two separate file systems: Unity or ISIS for the Avids and usually StorNext FS for all other applications.

What is the advantage of native Avid support?
Is it possible to work simultaneously on the same project?

Workflow Automation

Decrease work, increase efficiency: workflow automation for everyone

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation with hardly any coding skills required

So far, setting up workflow automation procedures was intimidating most people, or rather reserved to IT people with in-depth coding knowledge. ELEMENTS changes all that by providing a smart and powerful, yet easy-to-use task manager that allows for simple workflow automation with hardly any coding skills required. Choose from a variety of pre-defined actions to be executed – or create your own with just a couple of mouse clicks.

How can I use it for maintenance tasks?
How does this enhance communication between team members?
Is it embedded in all ELEMENTS Products?

Media Library

Innovation in collaboration


A New take on media storage: innovative, collaborative, intuitive

Our storage products are more than media storage – they come with a soul. ELEMENTS optional Media Library is not just a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use MAM for organizing and viewing your media files. It allows you to share, comment and even edit your assets from anywhere and with any device – in the most efficient and intuitive way ever.

Learn more on our MAM Microsite

How do the MAM and ELEMENTS workflow management work together?
How can I access the assets on the MAM?
What are the benefits in the review process?
How does this enhance teamwork?
Do I need training for the Rough-Cut Editor?
Can I compare different editing versions?

Media Archive

Stay on top of your assets: anytime, anywhere

LTFS Archive

Choose your favorite manufacturer

ELEMENTS integrates a fully indexed archive solution based on LTFS, supporting libraries with multiple drives and hundreds of slots – without additional licensing costs. It supports single tape drives as well as tape libraries without vendor lock, so you can choose your favorite manufacturer or utilize existing hardware. ELEMENTS is tested with tape drives and libraries from Quantum, IBM, HP, Spectralogic, Tandberg and many more.

How does it work exactly?
What are the benefits of the job manager?
How does this help to keep track of files?

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