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Digital door #5 –Surprising Movie Facts

ELEMENTS Advent calendar digital door 5

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A warm welcome to the ELEMENTS Advent Calendar 2017. These 24 bits (!) of digital chocolate will entertain you through Christmas season!

Digital door #5 – Surprising Movie Facts

From Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho to Titanic to Hangover. All movies have some secret message hidden in them or funny stories to tell while they were produced. So here are 15 amazing movie facts you might have never seen before!

Did you know that …

  • The sound of the velociraptors communicating with each other in JURASSIC PARK is actually the sound of two tortoises enjoying their intercourse.
  • Actually Ed Helms is missing a tooth in THE HANGOVER, because his dentist removed his permanent implant for the filming.
  • With a budget of around 22 million dollar SCHINDLER’S LIST is the most expensive Black and White film made till date.
  • Joe Pesci while filming this HOME ALONE scene actually bit Macaulay Culkin.
  • By simply painting a Captain Kirk/William Shatner face mask white, it turned into Michael Myers scary face mask in HALLOWEEN.
  • John Travolta was pulling the needle out of Uma Thurman’s heart. Actually the big scene in PULP FICTION where Vincent stabs Mia in the heart was shot in reverse.
  • THE WOLF OF WALL STREET has approximately Pi (3.14) number of f*cks per minute. In total the Number of »f*ck« or »f*ck« derivative words is 569.
  • Two years before the world enjoyed FINDING NEMO, the character Nemo already appeared in the movie MONSTER’S INC.
  • Steven Spielberg once planned to make a movie called Night Skies. At the end he delivered ET and POLTERGEIST, two quite diverse films.
  • It simply has been an accident when in DJANGO UNCHAINED Leo DiCaprio in a fit of rages smashes a glass, causing his hand to bleed. Tarantino kept it in the movie.
  • When creating STAR WARS character Yoda, the artistic designer has been inspired by the face of Albert Einstein
  • PSYCHO by Alfred Hitchcock beside other aspects also has been the first American film that showed a toilet being flushed.
  • Hannibal Lector might be so frightening in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS because Anthony Hopkins never blinks in that movie!
  • It took eight Batman movies before THE DARK KNIGHT was the first not having »Batman« in its title.
  • Building the ship Titanic has been cheaper than the production of the movie TITANIC.

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